This repository stores teisho, kusen and chosan delivered during IZAUK sesshin. These can be downloaded in audio (mp3) or PDF format, depending on how they have been recorded and edited. They are intended for private use only.

Dedicated to this sole purpose, the repository is password-protected – you’ll need to be a paid-up Friend of IZAUK to obtain the access password. As well as supporting the work of the International Zen Association (UK), Friends membership offers a range of benefits including a periodic newsletter and reduced charges for certain IZAUK events

Friends of IZAUK who have the password can access the repository The repository password changes regularly. If you have the current password, click the menu item or the link in the text and be ready to enter it on request

You can become a Friend of IZAUK on the main IZAUK website. Membership of Friends of IZAUK costs £20 and runs per calendar year; from 1st January to 31st December each year. There is no pro rata reduction for those who join mid-year

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